Friday, January 18, 2008

Other than her much welcome appearance (bearing wine, no less!) at my graduation back in July, I haven't really heard much from my younger sister Kate in a couple of years. Turns out, according to her she's been birthing an elephant and by the looks of things, I'd say she's right.

Aside from her amazing jazz vocals and stunning logo & web design, she's been involved in writing grants for nonprofits for several years around her home in Walla Walla, Washington. The experience of over a decade's worth of trying to help organizations find funding and donors find donees (is too a word) led her to a brainchild: In a way it's a matchmaking service that operates on a social networking model. It not only helps nonprofits find business and individual donors to meet their funding needs but also helps businesses and individuals find places to donate, and tracks donations for tax purposes. Is that just brilliant or what? She's a smart one, that K8, and she's turned her compassion for others into a venture that has the potential to help millions of people around the world. I'm so proud of her.

Although my awesome readership is really small (around 20 hits a day - thanks so much y'all!) I'm asking you to please tell anyone you know who donates or knows someone who donates to charity about her new venture. If you know of a nonprofit organization, tell them too. --Or, if you want to be really awesome, you could make a post on your blog about DonateWise, and your readership will tell two friends...and they'll tell two friends, and so on and so on.

Check her out. Sign up. Do something kind for someone else and I promise you'll feel good because of it. Better'n Prozac, I swear.

(Posted from Stephenville, Texas - where there was a UFO sighting just last week. -A good band mom isn't afraid to go anywhere.)


Brunhilda said...

Goodness. Don't you just have quite the talented gene pool! Congrats to her.

Loving Annie said...

That IS a brilliant idea of K8's :)

You have an amazingly creative family, Doc - from Mom to sister - and to yourself !

Dr. Brainiac said...

Awwww, thanks, y'all! You're so sweet. Actually I'm leaving her info up for a few days & not posting to give her a little extra exposure. She spent most of her money on development so I'm helping her in the best way I can.

Dr. Brainiac said...

Oh shit, this post is on a Japanese blog and this is how it translates - (I'm seriously unable to breathe right now from laughing so hard!!)

" URL of this article is: To translation.

彼女以外に多くのものは外観を歓迎する(態度 ワイン、それくらい、!)7月に私の卒業後ろで、私が数年に私の妹ケイトから大変本当に聞きませんでした。 Many of her non-appearance is welcome (attitude wine, but that's about it,!) In July after my graduation, and I made my sister a few years from Kate聞きませんreally hard. 集まること、彼女へ一致すること彼女はbirthing象だったそしてこと、私の容姿によって言うこと彼女は正しいです。 Congregate, and she agreed to that and that she was birthing an elephant, I can tell by the look she is correct.

彼女からわきにジャズボーカルを驚かせてロゴ&ウェブデザインを気絶させること、彼女は係係で彼女の家のまわりで数年nonprofitsのための許可を書くことに関係しました、ワシントン。 Aside from her JAZUBOKARU frighten stun web design & logo, she was at her desk clerk around the house for a few years nonprofits involved has been allowed to write, Washington. 組織が資金を見つけるのを助けようとする上に10年の価値の経験、そして寄贈者はdoneesを見つけます(そうであること また 言葉)発明への導くこと彼女:。 Organizations are finding a bid to save money on a decade's worth of experience, and the donor is to locate the donees (so that word again) to lead her invention: 方法でそれは社会的なネットワーキングモデルで作動する結婚の仲介しているサービスです。 That way NETTOWAKINGUMODERU social work and matchmaking services. それはnonprofitsが彼らの資金ニーズを満たすためにビジネスと個別の寄贈者を見つけるのを助けるだけでなくビジネスと個人が寄付する場所を見つけるのを助けて、そして税目的のために寄付を追跡します。 It nonprofits to meet their funding needs for business and individual donor to help find business and individual donations as well as a place to find help and tax purposes to track donations. . それはちょうどブリリアントカットかまたは何? 彼女は利口なもの、そのK8で、そして彼女は世界中で何百万もの人々を助けるための可能性を持っている冒険に他のものに対する彼女の同情になりました。 It is just brilliant-cut or what? She is a clever, the K8, she and hundreds of thousands around the world to help people have the possibility of another adventure for her sympathy NARIMASHI hoop. 私はとても彼女を誇りにしています。 I am very proud to her. "

Engrish! teeheehee *SNORT* I love it!

Brunhilda said...

O_o Yah. Gotta love Engrish. lol