Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Guess It's Really Official

My diploma finally arrived from the calligrapher last week. I had shrunken copies made for Medicare and the insurance companies, then took it to Michael's to have it framed. They were having a half-off custom framing special, but it seems like they always have that going on so maybe it's not really so special. At any rate, they called me last night to let me know that it's ready. I'm going to pick it up today and can hardly wait to get it on the wall. I'll have to move a few other things like my Master's diploma around, but already have the spot picked out. The corrected transcripts that show my successful completion of the neuropsychology concentration also arrived last week, so now the only thing I'm waiting for in the way of documentation is the neuropsychology certificate, which should get here any day. It will go under the PhD diploma. I'll post a picture when I get everything arranged.

My copies of the final, bound dissertation arrived Valentine's Day (I got one for Mom, too and of course she teared up when I gave it to her - then she had me sign it, haha). The bindery made the cover in blue hardbound with gold lettering. It's weird to see my name on a book as the author, but for some reason I wasn't expecting it to say my full name, followed by MA on the cover. I guess it stands to reason that since the dissertation was the last (seemingly neverending) project before the doctorate was conferred, that it should read MA instead of PhD. Still, I'll have to explain why it doesn't say PhD at least 40 times since we tend to have a lot of company and it's the current coffee table book.

Mom had her first book signing at a Borders book store on Saturday. I went along to help out and handle the money. Since the book store didn't order any of her books because the publisher won't allow them to be returned, they allowed Mom to sell from what she has. It was cold and raining like all hell so even though it was a Saturday in a normally pretty busy store, there just weren't many people there. Mom was a little discouraged but was happy nonetheless because she was actually getting to have a real book signing. As we were leaving, the manager asked how many we sold. When Mom told her she sold about 6, the manager looked puzzled and said, "You've had a successful signing. I've had big name writers come for signings that didn't sell any." That made her feel a lot better. Her next signing is February 29 at the library in the town where she lives, but I have other plans that day so I can't go help out.

In other news, The Girl is going for orientation for a job that she got at a Mexican food restaurant. Since she's under 18 she can't wait tables because they serve alcohol, but she can do other jobs like make the tableside guacamole (which is the best part about that restaurant), bus tables or hostess. She said that she'd rather bus tables or run the fryer before hostessing. When I asked her why, she flipped her hair, rolled her eyes and in her best everso blonde Valley Girl voice said, "Because they're just, like, so hostess-y." She's so funny.

The Man and some of his buddies are starting a sideline business of catching feral hogs to sell at a rather high price to high-end restaurants, who will then put them on the menu as "wild boar," even though they're just feral hogs. Whathefuckever. The little ones still taste amazing. They made and set out half a dozen traps last week. There are 4 in the traps today so the guys are on the way to retrieve them. Somehow I don't envision these now-wild animals quietly loading on the trailer. This evening's post-game analysis should be interesting. Gotta scoot - I think I want to do a little yoga now that the house is finally empty.


Kate said...

Seems like you could also silk-screen it onto a t-shirt. Just 'cause.

Congratulations on tangible proof! And good luck with the hogs and guacamole. (Got a good recipe for that? I'm always disappointed with my efforts.)

Brunhilda said...

How lovely. Everthing all official and in print. I can't imagine seeing my name on my very own book, that must be awesome.

I was ever so excited to have my copy of your mother's book signed. It was so nice of her to do that for me.

The girl is a trip. She probably can't fake nice for that long. I sure as hell couldn't.

Feral hogs, eh. Good luck to the man with that. I can't imagine that would be easy. Call Mike Rowe and maybe we can see the man on dirty jobs.

Romulus Crowe said...

The UK's universities are kind enough to give out certificates that fit standard frames, which is great news for us cheapskates.

Pigs - well, I have spent a little time on pig farms in my younger days. The 'tame' ones are bad enough - good luck with those wild ones!

While you're tangled up in a bone-snapping yoga position, make sure you can see out of the window. There's a total eclipse of the moon tonight (20th) between 10pm and 10:50 EST. I can't see it from my side of the planet--in February I'm lucky if I see the sky at all anyway--but you might get a good view, clouds permitting.

Romulus Crowe said...

I have done a Terrible Thing.

I've tagged you for one of these strange blog-infestations. It means you have to do something--or not, if you prefer.


Word ver: pfrkw. Probably what you'll say when you see what it is.

Dr. Brainiac said...

Kate, I don't envision a t-shirt in my future. It would be a little difficult to read around those funny bumps. I'll do a guac post soon. It's not difficult, but people overthink it.

Brunhilda, The Girl is a trip and she can't make nice for too long. Nor is she good at small talk. Last night she worked the pantry and when she got home, we asked her what that was all about and she said, "I dunno but I made an assload of tortillas, I can tell you that." She's enjoying working but I'm afraid she's not getting enough hours to pay for her gas back & forth.

Romulus, the Neuropsych certificate arrived with yesterday's mail. It will fit an 8x10 frame. Cheapskates rejoice!

Anonymous said...

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