Thursday, August 14, 2008

She's Such a Brute!

I'm so proud of my Girl. See, this boyfriend that she met earlier this summer was getting clingy and whining about not her not having any time for him. Well she's drum major and has a job, so when she's not doing band stuff, she's at work. We barely see her either and she lives here. So she was tired of the whininess and in the process of trying to break up with him at his house. He was trying to argue with her about it, then he got mad. He grabbed her arm, pushed her into the wall and drew back his fist to hit her. He didn't even get his hand all the way back when he found her knee planted firmly and with great gusto in his testicles, then himself on the floor puking his guts out. She kicked him again, yelled "Fuck You!" and stormed out. It's nice to know she's listening to me, even when she pretends not to. Nobody has to put up with that kind of shit and if she had put up with it this time, she might be doomed to a life of abuse forever.

Go Girl!


Loving Annie said...

OUTSTANDING !!!!!!! you go, girl ! You've been a good Mom, Doc - taught your girl self-esteem and to not put up with being abused !!!
Whoo-hoo, I'm impressed with her. Quick reflexes, quick thinking, smart girl.

Brunhilda said...

Awesome. Way to go, Girl. Yeah, he was already showing possesiveness, that's not good. I'm glad she stood up for herself. Mama has raised her right!

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I'm so very glad she's leaving him. Any man who would commit a violent act against a woman needs too much serious help and she abviously doesn't have the time to be someone's personal psychiatrist.

I wish her the best of luck finding a decent boyfriend. Unfortunately we're mostly just pigs.

Slick said...

He definitely sounds like someone who deserved that!

But that video, Doc....

I'm still squirming! Damn!!