Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy...

Well, I heard last week anyway. The letter read something like, "Dear APPLICANT, The Great State of Texas is pleased to inform you that you have received a passing score on the oral examination for independent practice in psychology." After the ordeal I've been through, I made quite the ruckus screaming and crying and swearing and dancing and swearing down the driveway from the mailbox toward the house - until I read further:

"Now, if you will kindly fill out another 36-page pile of paperwork and send us yet another ridiculous pile of money we'll be happy to get that final piece of paper you need to work independently to you in - oh, say another six weeks or so."

*sigh* Talk about bittersweet. It's a neverending fuck-with situation, isn't it? Seriously the story of my life since 1997 has been "Hurry up and wait." Fuckers.

So that's what I've been doing - tracking down signatures and getting all my proverbial shit in one sock so I can send said piles to Austin - so I can wait some more.

oh joy.


Loving Annie said...

Congratulations, Doc !!!!! Of course, we KNEW you'd pass, but still nice for them to finally get around and confirm the fact :)

Very happy for you. Figures they'd still delay the process asking for more paperwork and money... Grrr.

Have a great weekend, Doc -
Glad to see you posting some news !


Brunhilda said...

Those rat bastards just have to make you jump through another hoop, huh? Well I'm glad to hear you passed anyway - congratulations!