Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve 2006

I'm not exactly what one would call religious. Spiritual maybe - I believe in the Karmic concept of what goes around comes around - but religious? No. I was raised Christian and my family is overwhelmingly so, but after careful study of all the major world religions, it appears that they are all saying the same thing: Be nice. I can do that without arguing whether 'tis more holy to be sprinkled or dipped or whether my God can beat up your God.

Realistically, all the holidays mean for me is more work. Like I need something else to do. Amazingly I get it all done - the decorating, shopping, wrapping, endless cooking, et cetera just because "it's what we do." Most of the time I'd rather eat a bug. If I like someone well enough to want to give them a present, why can't I just give it to them rather than wait for some "required" occasion? Humbug.

I've noticed that these days the more religious one claims to be, the more patriotic one can claim to be. Nuke Gay Whales for Jesus or some shit. I don't know about you, but the worst screwings I've ever received in my 40 years have been in direct positive correlation to the level of religiosity the screw-er professed to. As such, any time I run across someone who tells me what a big "Christian" they are, I know to be on the lookout for the screwing (hard, and not well) to come. Experience has taught me to distance myself as quickly and as far away from them as possible.

What do the Pastafarians or the followers of the Invisible Pink Unicorn do this time of year? At any rate, I think I'm making spaghetti for dinner tomorrow...

Y'all have a good whatever it is that you do.

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