Friday, December 29, 2006

True Wife Confessions

One of my favorite things about Blogger is that addictive little "next blog" button in the navigation toolbar at the top of the screen. It is a window to the human condition. You never know where in the world you'll be directed to next. There are loads blogs in other languages, using different alphabets and it's fun to try to figure out what they are blogging about. Granted, with my twisted sense of humor the topics I make up for them are typically not fit for polite discourse. Nevertheless, these worldwide bloggers cover everything from the mundane family and baby blogs to celebrity dedications to porn to music to shameless self-promotion and anything else imaginable. A lot of them (this one not necessarily excluded) are really really bad to really really mediocre and one has to wonder if the writers are that damn boring in person - or worse, even more boring in person and their blogs are some piss poor reflection of the inner wildass they want to believe lives inside their head.

Occasionally though you get a really good dark chocolate confection with a smooth truffle filling so delightfully sinful and rich it will cause your eyes to involuntarily roll back into your head with pleasure. I ran across one the other day at True Wife Confessions.

Women anonymously email their confessions, rants and/or raves to the moderator, who lovingly gathers them up to present in daily chapter-style posts with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Of course the contributors don't have to be married (or women for that matter although most appear to be) and the entries don't even have to be about their spouses. They could be about lovers, girlfriends, children, coworkers, mama drama et cetera. We all have our dirty little secrets and the TWC blog is a reflection of that as a virtual Everywoman as told by every woman. Simply decadent.

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