Monday, July 30, 2007

Condemned Cartoon Carnival - Exercise

The last couple of weeks have seen me following other pursuits besides CCC, like traveling and graduating, but I'm ready to get back to business. Since beginning graduate school 7 years ago, my ass has grown in direct proportion to my knowledge of the field. Now that I have some time on my hands, returning to a regular workout schedule is weighing heavy on my mind, so to speak. Sooo today, I give you exercise.

The LA River Workout

Hang Gliding

The "Dreadmill"



Aaaand my personal favorite, Laughing Yoga. Repeat after me, "I'm happy, I'm relaxed!"


Next week: Grab Bag

Calling all demons, poltergeists, minions and wraiths: You are hereby commanded by the fires of hell to submit your favorite videos from You Tube, your crazy aunt Hattie's attic or wherever for inclusion in my regular feature "Condemned Cartoon Carnival." Wanna play? The rules are simple:

1) The video has to make me laugh - out loud.
b) Bonus points if it's wrong on so many levels that it leaves me in tears.

Although there are no sacred cows, there is one caveat: I am a tough customer, so your quest will not be an easy one.
The videos will be posted bright and skippy every Monday morning, to give everyone a twisted start to the week.

What do you get? Everlasting life via special shoutout in the blog and a link to your blog (if you have one).

Go ahead, submit. You know you want to. Just send your videos or links with your username and a link to your blog to:

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Loving Annie said...

Good Monday morning to you, Dr. Shedevil !
Nice blog appearance and title change ! Cool ! I like it !

And the L.A. River workout.... My, my. Yes, indeedy. It makes one QUITE appreciate the river for the first time :)

You are on my erotica links.
Would you be willing to add me to your blogroll as well ? I'd love it !

Thanks !
Loving Annie

Dr. Shedevil said...

Hi Annie,
Thanks for the kudos about the changes. I'm not sure I really dig the new title but it will do for now.

I linked your erotica blog under "Dirty Little Secrets" the day it debuted, but I added your other blog under the "Blogroll of the Damned" just now.

Have a beautiful week!

Corinna Makris said...

Hey Dr.

Congrats and yahoo! Felicitations and pomp and circumstance! You go, with your fine custom robes and all.

So any soap? Cause I need some.

Dr. Shedevil said...

Hi Corinna,
Thanks for the conga-rats. I looked at my transcript yesterday and my GAWD I did a lot of work. I ended up with 59 credits more than I needed to graduate.

Of course I have soap. However, I'm low on inventory and out of lye, so there's not a lot available. I am expecting a shipment to arrive any day & will be making more as soon as it gets here.