Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Are YOU Tough Enough?

The Girl bought a t-shirt at the marching competition Saturday that really sums up the high school marching band experience.

If you think it's hard to:

Carry 45 pound of dead weight on your shoulder and stand up straight

Practice in the heat and perform in the snow

Get along with 200 people you really love (No, really!)

Stand in close proximity to 20 guys hitting drums with everything they've got while bopping your head like you're into it

Blow until your lungs explode

Wear an 80-pound wool uniform in 110 degree heat

Watch your music and the director while exhaling, moving your fingers, coordinating that with your tongue, tapping your foot, while continuously listening to the other players around you so that you can make one of a thousand adjustments

Learn several foreign languages (some of which are completely made up)

Maintain good posture while holding a horn and running the 100 yard dash (some players occasionally faltering, thus making it the 100 yard hurdles)

Understand the subtle difference between "as loud as possible" and "just a little bit louder than that"

Ride the yellow dogs while the football team rides the greyhound

Ask your parents to buy a new horn when they really want to buy you a pig and sign you up for the local chapter of Future Farmers of America

Sell band candy in order to fund your trip to some strange and exotic (often not so strange and exotic) and perhaps not so far away, in fact, it may be better to just eat the candy and stay home

Wear those 1930's q-tip hats we call shakos and chill in public

March for 10 miles in a local band directly behind "The Mighty One Hundred" equestrian team

Play Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits on an oboe

Listen to a bad tuba section - Listen to a good tuba section

Pay more for your instrument than you did for your car

Wear those monkey suits while your parents make it a Kodak moment

Remember to show up to a performance with all the little things that you might need like white gloves, valve oil, YOUR HORN - you know, the little things
Then MAYBE you're not tough enough to be IN THE BAND!


Jessucka said...

That's cute. Hee. I played clarinet in band for all of two weeks. I was not tough enough.

River Rat said...

I was in the marching band for EIGHT years - and I loved every minute of it! I still miss my Dinkles!

Dr. Shedevil said...

Yeah, baybee! I was first chair flute/piccolo fo' evah and went on to march in college, which is eversomuchmore fun than high school. Been there, done that, done wore those t-shirts OUT! Now The Girl is carrying on where I left off.

What are Dinkles?

Hey Band! How do you feel!?

Anonymous said...

The Girl might like this link...

Alas, no woodwinds.

Dr. Shedevil said...

Hi Anonymous -
Yes, we enjoy Phantom Regiment and when the DCI finals are broadcast every year, you can bet our televisions are tuned to it.

Anonymous said...

dinkles are a brand of marching shoes. band rocks! my sister totally has that shirt =D