Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tales from the Dryer

This conversation took place in my house this morning after I found freshly laundered new clothes (as in just purchased yesterday) on top of the freezer. So I gathered up the still-warm clothing and headed toward The Girl's room to deposit them on her bed so she could hang them in her closet.

Girl (walking in from kitchen, stage left): What are you doing?
Me: Going to put these clothes on your bed.
Girl: Why?
Me: They're clean, aren't they?
Girl: Yeah, but they still smell weird.
Me: Weird? How?
Girl: You know - too new.

Me: O_o

Remind me to be proud of myself for not going into one of those, "When I was your age..." diatribes. For now, I'm just confused.


Loving Annie said...

Maybe she was waiting for the fabric softener to kick in ????

Slick said...

Girls are just too freakin' weird

Natalia said...

Hehehe...I get what she means. But I kinda like that smell. Each to their own, eh?


Jessucka said...

Let the dog roll on them. That'll get them just about right. lol