Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Overheard In a Restaurant

I was lunching solo in a restaurant the other day and overheard a conversation between two fine, upstanding Texas Ladies that went something like this:

"Natter natter natter bitch McCain. Natter natter natter. Bush natter but Obama bitch natter natter and that Hillary? Well just prattle natter bitch, bless her heart."

"Really? Well, bitch prattle natter rattle Obama, but then again bitch bitch prattle Hillary natter rattle prattle. But then again, I don't vote."

Sorry dumbass. If you don't vote, you effectively forfeit your right to natter, prattle or rattle - much less bitch about the political process. It's people like you who have done your level best to fuck up the country. Why don't you help unfuck it up for a change? Get your ass to the polls and vote.


Romulus Crowe said...

Agree absolutely. We have those in the UK too - lots of them who moan about the way politicians run around as if they own the place, then say 'Well I don't vote for any of them'.

Okay, often there's little to choose between which particular infestation of parasites you want to have leeching off you, but I vote for someone every time. The least offensive one gets my vote.

So when our grinning ghouls come up with their next lunatic idea, I can honestly say I voted for someone else. Someone who seemed at least slightly honest and reliable.

Unfortunately, the honest and reliable ones don't win.

Loving Annie said...

I'm not sure idiots like them SHOULD be voting. You need to have an IQ to shape the country effectively in a positive direction.
Then again, if everyone who voted made intelligent decisions, and everyone DID vote who was capable of seeing what was true and what wasn't, wouldn't we have an awesome country ???
I think votes ought to be earned, not given... Like, you get a certain number of votes for each thing you achieve in your life. High school graduation, college graduation, etc., etc. 10 years at the same job, on-time bill payment history for 10 years, etc., etc.
What do you think ???

Brunhilda said...

Ohhhh I hate those who bitch and don't vote. You have no right to moan and complain if you didn't do your part to change the satus quo, dammit!