Monday, May 26, 2008

A Monday Well Spent

The Girl and I traversed to our beautiful state capitol this weekend so she could compete in the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Competition today. Per the rules, she played the third movement, the Rondo (Allegro) from Stamitz' Flute Concerto in G (scroll down to Stamitz and click on 3. Rondo (Allegro) for a pretty crappy MIDI file that will at least give you the general idea of what she did). This is same solo she played at the Regional competition back in February but this time she nailed that tricky run that's bedeviled her since she started working on it last summer. The adjudicator wrote glowing happy gushy things on the feedback sheet and for her near flawless performance, The Girl earned herself a Division 1, which entails a gold medal and another entry on her already kick ass high school resume. Oh yeah, then there's the bonus: she just wrote her own ticket for a full-ride scholarship to any university in the state. Funny thing is that although she's excited and proud of her rating, she's even more pleased that she nailed that run.

To ice that cake, she received a phone call from a potential employer 5 minutes later asking that she come in for a job interview tomorrow. All's right with the world.


Dr. Brainiac said...

The Girl must lead some kind of charmed life. At the job interview yesterday, one of the first things the manager said to her was, "Well, we're going to hire you, so this is really just a formality." Then she went over the dress code and sent her on her way, to return after band camp in mid-June. Turns out it will be perfectly acceptable for her to have any color hair she wants, she just can't wear fingernail polish. :o/

Brunhilda said...

Well, congrats to the girl. What a run of luck and fabulous hard work come to fruition!

Slick said...

Daaaaang, she sure as hell didn't get my musical talents. lol

Congrats! I know you're proud

Shunga said...

What an experience to wear those.