Sunday, June 24, 2007

...And Then the Bikers Showed Up...

Well, one thing's for sure. We know how to throw a party around here. After spit-shining the place for a week, everything was good to go.

The margarita machine was delivered around 1.

We really put the machine through its paces & went through nearly 25 gallons of margarita. Not only did they drink all of the tequila Suz bought, but they went through the 3 big bottles I'd bought in preparation for our 4th party! The cool part though is that since I've done business with the margarita machine guy for years (and dated him briefly in high school), the machine will be camped out in my sunroom until sometime after my 4th of July party at no additional charge. Besides, it saves him a trip. We won't be able to leave the house! --Well, we won't be able to leave the house once I procure more Cuervo & margarita mix... ;oD~~~

The wedding was to start at 5pm but folks started showing up around 3.

We ended up with around 100 people, who were all happy to be here. The mood was relaxed, fun and we made loads of new friends.

The band (the groom's brother & his crew) got there around 4.

The Man was so impressed with the hardcore blues, Southern rock & country that he hired them for our 4th bash. Even cooler - we got the family rate! I'm soooo jazzed!! These guys are great, and the more we drink, the better they sound.

The cake & kegs arrived around 4:30.

After many a keg stand, the folks floated the Bud Light keg but there's over half a keg of Coors Light left so we're keeping it iced until the 4th since that's the brand most of our crew drinks. Some 'tard at the liquor store put the cups UNDER the ice & we didn't find them until this morning. Of course they smelled of stale beer water but rather than waste them, I rinsed them all out & plan to use them in a few days. Soooo while they dry, I now have a countertop covered in white plastic DART cups...sigh.

The 5-minute wedding that was 25 years late happened around 5:50, 6-ish...then we all ate. My new brother's best friend made the brisket & sausage (which were flavorless and dry - making me jones for the to-die-for brisket The Man makes). I made my legendary baked beans and other folks brought macaroni salad, cole slaw, and other BBQ fixins. It was quite the spread and if anyone left hungry it was their own damn fault.

Then around 8, the bikers showed up.

To my astonishment, The Man invited them back for the 4th. That's so kewl. I love those guys - salt of the earth & all, but that's a post for another day.


River Rat said...

Margarita Machine? I am SO jealous!

Natalia said...

I think margaritas are just about the only thing that could get me through a wedding. :) Frozen Yummy goodness.


drsharna said...

River Rat, unfortunately it isn't mine - I'm just using it for a couple of weeks. We have talked about buying one on & off for several years but are afraid that we'd never get anything done, haha.

Natalia, the no-frills ceremony was literally 5 minutes or less and we spent the rest of the night partying. It was all about the party and it was guuud.