Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Driver

Please don't let The Girl know I'm half in tears this morning. I can hardly believe that as of yesterday, my sweet, precious baby girl is licensed to drive a car - all by herself. You know, of all the "firsts" in a child's life, this one has to be the scariest. I'm about to send her to school alone, driving her own car by herself for the first time. Oh, I'm not worried about her. She's a good driver with a good head on her shoulders - very conscientious and polite, watches her speed (mine, too when I'm driving) and isn't a road-rage event waiting to happen. No, I'm worried about all you other fools out there driving around on "auto pilot" while you're talking on your cell phones, putting on your makeup, reading your mail, et cetera. Take it easy out there and pay attention please - that blonde in the cute little red 4X4 truck is my baby. I'd like her to come home in one piece.


Slick said...

Awww man, Doc!

I dread seeing the day when my time comes to go through this.

Do you have any fingernails left??

Brunhilda said...

Awww, what a bittersweet occasion. From what you've said here, the girl does seem to have a good head on hr shoulders. I'm sure she'll do fine.

Loving Annie said...

Awwww, Docc ! She's already driving ? Life goes so fast. First day going to school alone driving herself ? *angels around her to keep her safe while she is on the road*
((Hugs)), and left you 'special blessings' on my nice girl blog today :)
Loving Annie

Adventues of Loving Annie

melissa said...

awwww. so sweet. I guess she grew up before you knew it, eh?