Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Really the best way to describe the old look of the master bedroom was "Quilt Overload." Boooooorrrriiiinnngggg!! When I last painted, The Man informed me that I could paint the house any color I wanted as long as it was white. This, from a man who requires assistance in matching his ties to the rest of his work attire every morning. Once I painted The Girl's bedroom yellow, our bathroom a pale green (mental institution green if I'm being honest), and my home office a deep burgundy three years ago, and he actually liked them, that whole idea of white being the only suitable color for walls has gone out the window. Good thing too, because once I turned 40 I do as I damn well please. That wouldn't fly today - in fact I'd paint it baby shit green just to be oppositional if he tried that now.

Deep in the throes of the internship and the neverending writing project I didn't have time to do much in the way of anything, much less redecorating since my last major undertaking. Since I seem to have nothing but time for the next few weeks, it's on. I finished the master bedroom yesterday, despite having to take one can of paint back to Lowe's so they could put color in the paint. Don't get me started on the stupid little twit at the returns desk. Even The Girl noted the level of stupidity.

Granted, The Man & I almost came to blows over the stupid drapery hardware for which it's necessary to have an advanced engineering degree to put them back together, but we figured it out. I hate drapes anyway. They block my beautiful views of the trees, fields, et cetera. Their days may be numbered as I am seriously considering putting big ol' plantation shutters in there, but we'll see.

The little fan back chair in the corner (given to me 20 years ago by a much beloved late great aunt) will be taken to the upholsterer in the next few days to be re-covered in material closer to that of the bedspread. Interestingly enough, the new stuff will be similar to the upholstery it originally sported back in the 1950's when the chair was made through about ten years ago when I began living here.
I may need to learn to watch TV so I have a reason to just "be" in here.


Natalia said...

OMG...that's awesome. I have been toying with the idea of redecorating and doing some remodeling. But then I remember I ought to redecorate my annotated bib and remodel my dissertation. Ugh.


Slick said...

Dang Doc...that looks sweeeeeet!

River Rat said...

Damn, wanna' come decorate my house?

Dr. Shedevil said...

Thanks y'all. Really it was not that big of a deal. If you look closely all I changed was the color of the walls, the lampshades and the bed linens.

Gotta scoot...I hear there's a big party here tomorrow night.

Romulus Crowe said...

White? White is for kitchens, where you have to be able to see it's clean. Painting everything else white just means it all needs cleaning all the time.

Bathrooms should be muted colours, especially if the window gets the sun in the morning. A blast of pure, reflective white is not the first thing I want to see for the day - it sends me into a Gremlin-like frenzy of 'Aaagh, bright light, bright light!'

Battleship grey is always a good choice. Cheap, too.

But what do I know? Brown, green, red, it's all the same to me ;)

Loving Annie said...

Redecorating is hell - and the after effects are joyful. Enjoy :)