Monday, December 31, 2007

Condemned Cartoon Carnival - New Year's Resolutions

Since today is New Year Eve, I thought it would be timely to inspect the phenomenon of New Year's Resolutions. The only one I made last year was to finish that Gawddamned Neverending Writing Project. It was the only resolution I've ever kept in all my 41 years and was such a hassle that I hesitate to proffer any new resolutions for the coming year. One thing's for sure. I won't be one of those folks who go for multiple PhDs. I'm just not that masochistic. Besides, they don't call you Doctor Doctor if you have more than one. At any rate, on with the show.

Good luck with that:

Gus's Resolutions:

Emo Dave's Resolutions:


Party on...

Ever had an "Oh Shit" moment?

Happy New Year, Y'all!

Next week: We'll figure it out when we get there.

Calling all demons, poltergeists, minions and wraiths: You are hereby commanded by the fires of hell to submit your favorite videos from You Tube, MySpace, your crazy aunt Hattie's attic or wherever for inclusion in my regular feature "Condemned Cartoon Carnival." Wanna play? The rules are simple:

1) The video has to make me laugh - out loud.
b) Bonus points if it's wrong on so many levels that it leaves me in tears.

Although there are no sacred cows, there is one caveat: I am a tough customer, so your quest will not be an easy one.
The videos will be posted bright and skippy every Monday morning, to give everyone a twisted start to the week.

What do you get? Everlasting life via special shoutout in the blog and a link to your blog (if you have one).

Go ahead, submit. You know you want to. Just send your videos or links with your username and a link to your blog to:

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Loving Annie said...

"right" ! :) That was adorable ! Happy New Year to you, Dr. Shedevil ! This is going to be a great one for you. The hard stuff is behind you, hubby's in a better position, kids are doing well - it's looking GOOD for 2008 !
Loving Annie