Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fireside Afternoon

It's nasty, wet and cold today (okay, maybe not by Kate's standards, but definitely by mine). The Man has gone hunting for a few days, The Girl's at the movies with a friend and I have a few quiet hours all to myself for the first time since last Friday. The house is clean, the laundry's done, the mass shredding's over with. The Girl and a couple of her friends drooled as I made rum balls and bourbon balls for next weekend earlier today. I've got a fire going, a duck marinating in orange juice, 5 spice & ginger, a pot of soap in the crock pot, and am about to light into making a batch of tiny orange/spice/brandy cakes for Saturday's party. Yes, most of my midwinter party foods typically contain booze of some sort. Even the meatballs have a little sherry in 'em, but it's all about keeping a festive glow on the cheeks. ;o) I'm going to try to prepare one or two items a day this week so that I'm not killing myself Saturday and can enjoy my guests.

The old furniture gets hauled away Tuesday & the new arrives Thursday. Yes, The Man escorted me to the giant furniture store on the other side of the galaxy from here. He liked the leather group I picked out but I made him pick out the tables. He picked some that I knew he'd like but that cost more than I really wanted to spend. I was surprised that he went for them, but it made him feel included in the process, which was why I wanted him to go. The last thing I wanted to have happen is for me to pick it all out by myself then him not like it and me have to listen to him bitch for the next 10 years. No thanks. I guess spending all that money left him exhausted because when we got back home he slept for the rest of the day.

You know, after ten years in school, it feels weird not to have academic work hanging over my head, nagging at me like a nosy mother in law. Surely that feeling of needing to be productive all the time will pass eventually. For now I want to just enjoy a few domestic pleasures before diving headfirst back into the deep end of the pool of clinical work. --And you know what? Since I can, that's exactly what I'm going to do.


Loving Annie said...

Good Sunday evening to you, Doc !

Oooh, you sound like a nicer Martha Stewart about now, sitting by your fire with all the good things cooking !

Those little cakes sound QUITE yummy. If you have any left over, please mail them to (insert my address here).... :)

Glad that the shredding is over ! It's nice to have a clean space.

And the new furniture with the tables - very good !!! Enjoy.

You've earned your rest/pleasure time -- TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT :)

Dr. Shedevil said...

Hi Annie! "Nicer" depends on who you talk to, heehee. There are almost always good things cooking here on the Ponderosa. I'd be happy to send the little baby cakies to you but out of respect for your privacy, I don't have your address anymore. I'd be happy to post the recipe though.

There are 5 lawn & leaf bags full of shredditus - on top of the 3 that went out in Thursday's trash. We'd have burned it all but as dry as it's been I was afraid to set off a big ol' grass fire. No thanks.

The tables aren't my favorite things ever, what with the file drawers, office supply cubbies, power outlets, raise-up desk surface, et cetera, but The Man likes since it was his contribution to the project and I won't have to listen to him bitch for the next 10 years I'm happy. I'll post pictures after everything's delivered Thursday.

I'm totally taking advantage of the R&R time while I can. I only regret that the duck only had one liver to give for my pate. I know it's bad for you but GAWDDAMN that shit is guuuud!

Brunhilda said...

Ah. Rum Balls. I used to get a big honking one our our annual German class field trip to a German eatery. Hee. I need to come to one of your parties.