Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy 2007!

Hi y'all,
I wish you all fat bank accounts, full pantries, happiness and health with no drama in the new year. Be well.


Kate said...

Random bloghopping landed me here... good luck on the dissertation. I'm on the brink of bowing out of mine altogether... but then I waver. Stupid ambivalence anyway.

Regardless... happy 2007!

drsharna said...

Hang in there drkate. I know what you mean. Some days I'd rather eat a bucketful of bugs than slog another inch through the LaBrea tar pit of dissertation but you see someone once told me I couldn't get through college (that was 3 degrees ago). It's up to me to prove the dumbass wrong and go all the way. Ambivalence be damned. Thanks so much for stopping by.