Friday, February 9, 2007

What's a Mom to Do?

My daughter, a high school freshman, is a very talented flute player. I'm not saying that just because I'm her mom either. She has the awards to back it up, going all the way back to beginning band. She told me that she would prefer I not to attend her solo and ensemble competition tomorrow. As long as she's been in band I've attended her events, not only in support of her, but of my other flute students as well. While I am truly saddened that she doesn't want me to go (with the exception of her performances, she goes her way & I go mine at these things because I don't want to interfere with her socializing), at the same time I want to respect her wishes. From a developmental standpoint, the next few years are all about her preparing to leave here and make a life of her own on her own terms. That knowledge doesn't take the sting out, though. Sigh. I need to write a test this weekend, anyway.


Flumadiddle said...

Aw...that makes me sad. Have you asked her why she doesn't want you to go?

Teenage girls - gotta love 'em.

drsharna said...

Yes I did. She doesn't know. -Probably just wanted to have a little more space. I did end up going though.