Friday, March 30, 2007

And We All Get It In The End

Okay y'all, for a truly, delectable, sensual treat, get thee to Netflix and obtain the John Cameron Mitchell movie "Shortbus." Tell 'em drsharna sent you ;o) The main characters are a sex therapist who's never had an orgasm, a gay couple and a dominatrix. Just one teensy caveat: put your homophobic, misanthropic, misogynistic and/or sex-negative hats away and open your narrow, shallow little minds just a little bit for an hour and 42 minutes. Reject every single one of your preconceived notions about sex and sexuality and just take it all in. The finale of the indoor marching band alone makes it worth the trip. This one's going in my top 10 movies of all time.

Big hugs, luvz, smooches & rainbow love for all - back to work.


Natalia said...

That sounds like an awesome time! :)


drsharna said...

Let's just say it was interesting and character building on a number of levels. My favorite character though was the transvestite "Madame" in the sex club. Entirely too much fun!