Thursday, March 22, 2007

What I Really Wanted to Show Them

Today's lecture topic in my intro psych class was human sexuality. We had loads of fun and I posted a lot of videos on the other blog but these are the ones I REALLLLLY wanted to show them.
Puberty Pals:

...But we like hookers:

Live Long Enough to Find the Right One:

From the Misinformation Committee:

And it all sounds so lovely with a British accent:

The reality:


the domestic minx said...

human sexuality - can we really teach that!!
It's a thorny topic, certainly!
Having two late teenage sons I realize it is a topic fraught with danger! Times have changed and all is much more "liquid" than it once was. Relationships, sex, co-habitation, everything...
Whatever....I now learn a lot from my boys...

drsharna said...

Sex is hardly a dangerous or thorny topic to address with your kids. It's a normal human function that is important to our overall health and well-being. It's not a matter of can we teach sexuality, we have to. Ignorance is deadly - particularly in this area.

Despite what the religious right would have you believe, the research shows that teens who have solid information about sex are less likely to have sex and when they do they are more likely to be responsible - using safer sex practices and contraception properly. Young people who aren't given any information are more likely to view sex as "forbidden fruit" and will do whatever they can to get it - and considering all of the misinformation or noninformation they receive about the subject, they are more likely to catch a good dose of STD and/or get pregnant.

Mind you, my class is made up of mostly adults but I have a "no question goes unanswered" policy with The Girl. We talk about everything from masturbation to same-sex relationships to sex toys to STDs - you name it. When she comes home with misinformation from her peers, I'm quick to give her the correct information. Knowledge is power, and I want her to have the information she needs to keep herself safe and healthy.

If you are uncomfortable talking to your kids about sex, Scarleteen is a wonderfully written website that is all about sexuality information for teens, but I know a lot of adults who would do well to read it, too. It is written at their level but is not condescending or preachy. I recommend it highly.

Slick said...

Well...the first video? He's walking on his own damn balls! And that vagina looked too damn old for me.

Loved the videos though, seemed I learned sumthin'. You know, cause I'm all innocent and stuff

drsharna said...

Suuuure you are, slick.

notfearingchange said...

In my psych class we watched seniors provide one another with sexual pleasure - it was nice to learn at that young age that people continue to have sex.
I also agree with you wholeheartedly with open discussions. And there is a lot of misinformation.

Love the site!