Friday, March 16, 2007

Another WooHoo!! Moment

Exciting news dead ahead: I just got word from the IRB that my dissertation research has been approved! Most of the people I know who have had to deal with that particular committee end up going 'round and 'round with them, eating up months of precious time they could be working on getting finished. Fortunately (or possibly not), the data I plan to use are archival (already existing in a database at the hospital) so since the IRB deals with potential injury to human subjects and in this case there are no humans to be subjected, it's a go. Now if I can just get my proposal approved by my dissertation committee, I'll be able to get a move on and get finished already.

Gotta scoot - The Man sprung a last-minute dinner party on me so I have to go throw some dead things on the grill & be the hostess with the mostest. Oh what fun it is to ride.


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Thanks honey...just a coupla more hoops left to jump through. I won't know how to act once my PhD dog & pony show is over.