Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hanging Up My Chalk

The Dean of the Humanities Department called me to come teach again. Although it was fun, I had to decline this time. Once I get caught up on stuff around here, it will be time to get a real live full time job that pays real live full time money. I've renamed the blog for that class and am leaving it open to public view for awhile, but eventually I'll take it down. Enjoy it while you can if you have an interest in such things.

In the interim, I'm still selling soap, have a bunch of books I no longer need for sale on Amazon and am about to sell a really nice Gemeinhardt KGM Limited flute so that I can continue to have a little of my own money in my pocket until I'm ready to go back to work. Speaking of, I have a boatload of stuff to do today so I'd better get on it.


Natalia said...

Hey..my teaching job is a real live job with a real live pay.

Of course the pay could use a bit of padding...but...still.


Almost Vegetarian said...

Been there, done that. Been a student where saving nickels was a reality if I wanted to go to a movie (at the discount show with all the old ladies, no less!). Fell asleep in the subway out of sheer exhaustion. worried about grades and student loans.

But it gets better. Truly it does. And it is all worth it.


Dr. Shedevil said...

Natalia honey, my little adjunct faculty job, while big fun, only paid $1200 per course per semester - that is not a typo - and I only got the one section. Not so bad for summer, but for the long semester, not so much.

Thanks for your kind words, AV. I'm not exactly worried about money. We have a beautiful home & farm and if you could see us you'd understand that we've never missed a meal. I just like to have my own money so I don't have to account to anyone for it. There are, however, some exciting prospects for postdoc in the works though...stay tuned!