Friday, April 20, 2007

I Made Someone Think?

Wow, I was tagged by Slick for a "Thinking Blogger" award. You've got to be kidding me. I'm honored that someone thinks I made them think but all we've been talking about here since Wednesday is vaginas. Well, since the honor did come from a redneck male and they typically like to think about vaginas, maybe it's not so far off the mark.

So, my job now is to tag and link 5 bloggers who make me think.

Dr. X: A trip to Dr. X's Free Associations is a treat because of his integration of history, psychology and science lightly seasoned with a smattering of well-reasoned opinion. The photo of the day is a bonus I look forward to every day.

PZ Meyers over at Pharyngula. I love his rants on creationism and fundamentalism but his Friday Cephalopod is the best thing since fried squid.

Matt: at Behavioral Ecology. Who knew mice had STDs?

Fantasy Writer Guy: for the ever-growing challenge of alien communication.

Corinna: the mastermind behind A Celebration of Curves. Not necessarily for making me think, because we think a lot of the same thinks, but for opening up a touchy subject in a loving and compassionate way so that others might think.


Fantasy Writer Guy said...

The aliens and I are deeply honored. Thx!

oecjjew - Gazunheit.

Natalia said...

I try not to think. It hurts. But I don't always succeed in not thinking.


the domestic minx said...

You totally deserve it, Dr Sharna!!
I love your blog and your subject matter always gets me thinking!!
I got an award too, although I think my subject matter generates more thoughts of fluff and nonsense than yours!! Well, I hope it does, anyway!!
Keep up your fabulous maunderings and Congratulations!! xx