Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tag - I'm It.

My cyber-buddy Steli, over at Super Cool School tagged me for a meme about goal setting from Alex Shalman's Practical Personal Development blog, "Gotta Get Goals." As the title implies this is about giving voice to your goals. After all, you wouldn't get on a bus if you didn't know where it was going. Having goals is kind of like a roadmap for the direction you want your life to go. That said, here are some of mine:

Immediate goals (ASAP):
1. Complete the latest (and hopefully last) round of fucking nitpicky dissertation proposal revisions.
2. Complete my last neuropsychology paper so that I can finish the neuropsychology certificate.
3. Figure out what the fuck is wrong with my well-loved 5-year-old iPod. (DONE!)

Short-term goals (By the end of summer):
1. Finish my dissertation.
2. Graduate.
3. Secure a neuropsychology postdoctoral position.

Long-term goals (Timeframe indefinite):
1. Pay off student loans.
2. Set up private neuropsychology practice.
3. Begin gardening in earnest again.
4. Enjoy more of my life.
5. Rule the world.
6. Write a best-selling self-help book and make a fortune.

So who am I tagging? YOU! Regulars and newbies - lurkers and non-lurkers alike. The original guy wants trackbacks but I don't know how to do it so I'm just going to email mine to him. Maybe one of you can tell me how it's done.


Jennifer said...

Wow...the ambition.

drsharna said...

Hey Jennifer,
Thanks for stopping by. It's not ambition. It's hard-headedness. See, a long time ago somebody told me that education was basically wasted on me because I'm a woman and that I really could never finish anyway. It's up to me to prove them wrong.

Natalia said...

This is so unfair...I am a list maker as it is. I am so gonna be making lists and lists of this.


~ Start on new lifestyle to lose weight.
~ Finish internship report

Short Term:

~ Finish Chapter One of Dissertation
~ Figure out IRB stuff

Long Term:

~ Continue traveling
~ Finish Ph.D.
~ Get books published
~ Find a man I actually want to spend time with but who doesn't want the whole marriage and kids thing.

Ohhh I so could go on. This is just cruel.