Friday, April 27, 2007

Spoke Too Soon

You remember how yesterday I said I kept expecting to wake up and it wasn't true? Yeah, me too. Well, it wasn't. Turns out I totally misunderstood. What was approved was for my proposal to be sent to the entire committee. So that means that Her Majesty My Dissertation Chair and the AD, Dr. Toosick, approve. I got approval from Much Beloved and Brilliant Second Reader and the external, Dr. BigName today. Not a bad gig overall. Still the last holdout is the consulting faculty. Hold your breath and send much positive energy her way to blind her to my faulty methodology in compassion for a poor specimen of mathematicus retardii.

Okay, back to the kids.

Coffee mugs make great camouflage for red wine... ;oD


Jessucka said...

Ah. Bummer. I hate when you get your hopes all up like that. **sending much positive energy your way**

I'm sure it's brilliant. How could it not be?

zelda said...

no worries, i'm sure it will work out!

Steve said...

Granted it was MS, but the proposal was the easy approval. They still have you around to kick until you get the final approval. Of course, in some schools, once the proposal is approved, the final is just a formality. Hoping it is that way for you.

BTW, my homepage is banned in china. So, is my work webpage.

Natalia said...

Suckage! But I have faith it will all go well :)


Slick said...

I'm lost...all I know is you need my good thoughts and you want me to send good vibes to somebody. Count me in!

I got good vibes.