Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Do You Mean I Get Graded, Too?

So this morning in class the kids were doing their "major project" presentations and things were progressing swimmingly. I moved seats to get a better view of the presenters and what to my wondering eyes did appear sitting in one of the desks behind me, but my boss, the Chair of the Humanities Department of the college. How the hell he got in without my knowledge is beyond me. Apparently I underestimate the sneakiness.

This may come as some surprise but my language in class tends to be rather colorful. It's not uncommon for me to say "shit" or any of its derivatives at least a dozen times in our hour and a half time slot. Today however, the students were the teachers, not me. My role was try to engage the observers in asking questions of the presenters about their material. Given the uncivilized hour of our class that's hard to do. Unless, of course, we're talking about sex. Then I can't get them to shut up.

So I introduced Dr. Sneakiness to the class, and as he rose to leave he handed me a performance evaluation. He had been *GASP* grading me the entire time he was there - however long that was. Actually that's probably good because had I known he was there I don't know how I would have reacted. I'm just really glad I'm through lecturing and all that's left are project presentations and the final, which only about six students have to take.

Oh? The evaluation? Perfect marks all the way down the line. Good thing he didn't come last Tuesday for the social psych lecture I blasted through so we'd have time to review for the exam. I think I said shit 20 times and fuck at least once. I'd have definitely been dinged for professionalism...Man, was it my lucky day or what?

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Natalia said...

I always think it's weird when someone who hasn't taught for a long time or hasn't taught what one teaches comes to evaluate the class. I think it's easier to sit around and point out what could be done better when you are not in the situation. I am also not a fan of critiques, as to me it's like asking a new recruit to evaluate his or her drill sergeant. Of course slightly different. But most kids do not walk into the writing class out of love for writing. Anyway...enjoy the academic freedom of being able to curse in class. The more universities become like corporations, the more likely students will begin to lodge complaints about the language used, etc. Can you tell I have a lot to say about it? Sorry...I'm venting.


drsharna said...

It was weird. I'm just a fucking adjunct, fergawdsakes. I teach one piddly undergraduate intro Psych class for less than the gas it's taken me to drive my big ass honking truck to & from home all semester. I should be able to do whatever the fuck I want since I'm clearly losing money on this deal.

Good thing I didn't do it for the money, huh?

drsharna said...

Oh - he does teach though. Small school & all. He even teaches intro psych at my daughter's high school. Wish I could have gotten that gig since I go there every day anyway.

Natalia said...

You are lucky indeed. Adjuncting is indeed different :) And it's nice your boss also teaches. One of mine does :)


Mrs. David Lee Roth said...

**shuddering** fuck teaching. been there, done that, ran far and fast. perhaps college students would be better, but I doubt it. Lucky you indeed for getting evaluated on a good day. I know the downfalls of having a foul mouth.